The Duke's Cellar

I'm bored... Let's go get a drink!
(at the only place that Bass fits)

Bass Azule, Draygor, McLouth, Shale, and his dog Tallulah went to their local tavern to make plans about what to do with their lives. Besides Jack the Barkeep and his wife in the kitchen, the only other patrons were two mean looking tattooed elves, a drunk dwarf, and a large man eating off by himself.

As they ordered food, a Goblin Captain and 7 goblins came in. The captain went right up to Jack, and demanded money and free food. The rest of the goblins kept an eye on the patrons. Shale is able to fly to the ceiling with out being detected. The captain started to threaten the barkeep. The group started to get involved. McLouth tried to buy them some food. Bass stood up, and was intimidating without making any direct threats. When the captain didn’t seem interested in the group, Draygor, spoke to him in the goblin tongue. This got the captain’s attention, but none of the patrons could understand. Everyone was on edge, and not sure if a fight would break out. The Elves distanced themselves from the party, the dwarf was frozen with fear, and the man just kept eating.

As the captain held a sword to Jack’s throat, Draygor tried to reason with the him to let the people go and just take the money. The captain said back in goblin, “We’ll take his and all of yours too.” Draygor replied that that wasn’t going to happen and put his hand on his sword. In common tongue, the captain screamed, “We’ll take everything… After you’re dead! Kill them!” He then held Jack the Barkeep hostage, as he crew closed in.

They attack both the party and the dwarf. Shale moves to cast a spell but is noticed by the goblins. They are too busy with the rest of the group to attack him. Draygor and Tallulah come to the dwarf’s rescue and Draygor kills a goblin. Bass Azule draws the goblins attention. While they don’t seem to hurt him at all, he smashes through several goblins like they were his playthings. McLouth circles around to the left and dispatches his own goblin.

The goblins, see that things aren’t going well. One goblin flees from Draygor into the kitchen. A woman’s scream is heard and then a huge thud… the remaining goblin in front of Bass is told by him to sit, and he does. The captain, tries to take jack with him towards the kitchen, but when he gets close, he screams in pain and drops both the knife and Jack. The man from the back, told the elves to put away their weapons and leave. They nervously complied. The man congratulated the group as he walked up to the captain, who had been pinned to the wall by his sword hand. The man removed a spoon from the captain’s hand and he slumped to the floor, any fight had left him completely.

After kicking the captain and the remaining goblin grunt out of the tavern, the man introduced himself as General Marion Cross. He explained that he was impressed with how they handled the situation, and with him there, they were in no danger. When asked if he could fight, he said you are all welcome to test me if you wish. When no one did, he then offered them a job.

He told a story of Duke Arkanis who was a local wealthy duke who hoarded magic and rare items. Since his death, more and more thieves had been traveling to ransack his estate. Some have returned with goods, and some never do. Since thieves continue to go in and not return, everyone assumes that there is still treasure there. (Active traps or some other active deterrent protecting something). He offered the group gold and ownership of all items found if they would completely clear the building. After some questions the group agreed. The slept the night at the tavern. In the morning they prepared, and then headed off for the estate the next morning.


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